Governing bodies

Management board. The Board meets at least twice yearly. Its mission is to:

  • Provide general guidelines to EGTC-HC missions.
  • Approve the forms of service management and internal regulations.
  • Propose financial holdings with regard to partners.
  • Approve the annual accounts, annual budget and balance sheet.
  • Approve the general conditions for accessing job positions and managerial functions.
  • Appoint and dismiss the Secretary of the EGTC-HC Board of Directors and EGTC-HC management.
  • Approve the agreement to create an executive committee and appoint and dismiss members.
  • Approve agreements of acquisition, possession, leasing, claims and the exchange and alienation of the goods, furniture and property that comprise its assets.
  • Apply agreements relating to public property belonging to the EGTC-HC.
  • Approve projects for works, installations and services and their funding plans.
  • Approve partnership agreements and any type of collaboration agreement.
  • Exercise all types of actions for the defence of the EGTC-HC’s rights and interests.
  • Determine the extent of expense commitments which require the explicit agreement of the Chairperson.
  • Expand EGTC-HC activities, respecting the articles of association in force.
  • Establish commissions and committees which must be attributed specific functions in accordance with their remits.
  • Approve changes to the articles of association, the admission of new member organisations, the removal of EGTC-HC partners and the dissolution and liquidation of the EGTC-HC.
  • All other missions not expressly attributed to other bodies of the EGTC-HC.
  • Appoint an independent external auditor.

The Board members are:

  • The General director of the Agence Régionale de Santé Occitanie : M. Pierre Ricordeau, President of the Board of directors
  • The health minister of the catalan government: Dr. Josep M. Argimón, Vice-President. 


  • Mr. Felip Benavent, Direction of the Lleida Sector of the Servei Català de la Salut. 
  • Ms. Roser Bombardó, President of the Consell Comarcal de la Cerdanya
  • Mr. Albert Bramon, Representative of the Spanish government in the Girona district.
  • Mr. Angelo Castelletta, Director of the Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie, Pyrenées Orientales, representing CNAMTS 
  • Ms. Marta Chandre, Deputy director of the Servei Català de la Salut (president of the Executive Committee EGTC-Hospital de Cerdanya
  • Ms. Fabienne Courty, ambassador for cross-border affairs, attached to the Préfet Region Occitanie 
  • Ms. Gemma Craywinkel, Dicertor of the Servei Català de la Salut
  • Ms. Divina Farreny, General Manager of the Healcare region of Lleida and Alt Pirineu i Aran   
  • Mr. Xavier Faure, member of the Ececutive Committe of the EGTC-Hospital de Cerdanya
  • Ms. Martine Laborde-Chiocchia, Deputy director for stratery and resources, Direction génerale de l'offre des soins, Ministère des Solidarités et de la Santé
  • Mr. Albert Piñeira, Mayor of Puigcerdà
  • Ms. Sévèrine Salgado, Head of division for EU and International affairs at the French Sécutité Sociale
    • Ms. Elisa Gorgas, secretary

The Advisory Council. The Council can meet before each ordinary meeting of the Board of Directors. It must compulsorily address the following issues:

  • The territorial organisation of health matters.
  • Budget guidelines.
  • Any other issue set by the Board of Directors.

The members of the Advisory Council are:

  • Mr. François Calvet, Senator French Republic. Member appointed by the french ministry of Health. President of the EGTC-Hospital de cerdanya Advisory Council  
  • Mr. Jordi Armengol, Member of the Consell de Salut de Cerdanya
  • Mr. Daniel Armisen, Mayor of Bourg-Madame
  • Mr. Alfons Casamajó, Mayor of Ger
  • Ms. Rose De Montella, President of the Joseph Sauvy assotiation. Member appointed by the french ministry of Health
  • Mr. Marc Fernàndez, Member of the municipal council of Bellver de Cerdanya
  • Ms. Eliane Jaricky, Conseillère régionale au conseil régional d'Occitanie
  • Ms. Hélène Josende, Conseillère Générale of the Canton des Pyrénées Catalanes
  • Mr. Domingo Mora, Member of the Consell de Salut de Cerdanya
  • Ms. Sílvia Orriols, Member of the municipal council of Llívia
  • Mr. Joan Pous, Member of the Consell de Salut de Cerdanya
  • Ms. Marta Rufiandis, Member of the Consell de Salut de Cerdanya
  • Ms. Fàtima Zanbot, Member of the municipal council of d’Alp

The Executive Committee. The Committee has the following functions:

  • Bring to the Board of Directors any guideline programme, strategy and multi-year action plan proposals of the EGTC-HC
  • Approve the structure of the EGTC-HC organisation according to the proposal of the management of the EGTC-HC organisational structure, which will consider the management requirements related to the objectives established by the Board of Directors
  • Define the system of personnel functions and remunerations as well as agreements and collective labour agreements
  • Bring to the Board of Directors a proposal for the appointment of the director of the EGTC-HC
  • Appoint and dismiss, according to the proposal by management, the holders of managerial positions which arise within the organic structure of the EGTC-HC
  • Review and approve the asset inventory of the EGTC-HC each year
  • Approve the awarding of contracts, works services and supplies and settle questions relating to these contracts
  • Act as a contracting body
  • Approve the joint drafting of projects or common actions within the framework of the programmes and aid of the European Union
  • Approve credit operations
  • Establish organisational criteria and payments relating to the EGTC-HC’s managers, considering the provisions of the Board of Directors regarding the position of chairperson of the EGTC
  • Establish commissions or committees responsible for the functions entrusted to them in accordance with their remits
  • Adopt the provisions and appropriate measures that guide the EGTC-HC’s operation and organise them in the best possible manner

Members of the Executive Committee:

  • Mr. Felip Benavent 
  • Ms. Marta Chandre (President)
  • Mr. Guillaume Dubois
  • Mr. Divina Farreny
  • Mr. Xavier Faure 

The current composition of the EGTC-HC management team is as follows::

  • Mr. Vincent Rouvet, General manager
  • Dr. Xavier Conill, Deputy General Manager
  • Dr. Maria Arenas, Medical director
  • Mr. Xavier Caralt, Nursing director
  • Ms. Cristina Deulofeu, Director of information technology