I Need Emergency Care

If you have an accident or fall ill at home, call 061 (if you are in Catalonia) or 15 (if you are in France), where we will indicate which emergency department you should attend and send an ambulance if needed. If you attend the Hospital, remember that the emergency entrance is on the left-hand side (signposted at the entry roundabout). We will attend you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Patients covered by CATSALUT or holders of a Spanish healthcare card must supply the following documentation when they go to the Emergency department:

Common illness or accident, if not covered by any other insurance company:

  • Spanish National ID document or passport and
  • Healthcare card

Workplace accidents:

  • Freelance workers: National ID document or passport + Healthcare card
  • Employees: Workplace Accident Care form. This document is supplied by your company.

Traffic accidents:

  • No-fault accident report, where applicable
  • Vehicle insurance papers

School accidents:

  • Compulsory school insurance (provided by the school)

Sports accidents:

  • Members of a sports federation: An accident report from the insurance company your federation uses
  •  Non-federated sportspeople: your insurance company papers.

Remember that for minor pathologies, it is better to use the emergency services of the Primary Care Centres; this will be quicker because hospital emergency services always prioritise serious cases.

Patients covered by the French public system:

In all cases of visiting the emergency room you must bring:

  •  Identity document or resident’s card
  • Carte Vitale
  • Card or documentation from your friendly society

For traffic accidents, you must also supply your vehicle insurance papers.