Our teams


General director Mr. Vincent ROUVET
Deputy general director Dr. Xavier CONILL
Medical director Dr. Maria ARENAS
Nursing director  Mr. Xavier CARALT 
Chief Financial Officer Ms. Anne DELCASSO
Information thecnologies director Ms. Cristina DEULOFEU






Heads of the medical teams

Anesthesiology Dr. Tomás ESTEBAN    
General surgery  Dr. Antoni VERES 
Orthopaedic and traumatology surgery Dr. Manel MAS
Gynaecology/Obstetrics Dra. Elisa LLURBA / Dra. Anna BRAGULAT
Internal medicina Dr. Carlos AZUAJE
Paediatrics and neonatology Dr. Eduard CARRERAS                             







Heads of the nursing teams

Chirurgical Mr. Johan BORST
Outpatient consultations Ms. Marta TORT
Day hospital and hemodialysis Ms. Patrícia CALVO                                  
Hospitalisation Ms. Isabel DÍAZ
Emergencies Ms. Irma DOPAZO
Midwifes nad paediatric nurses Ms. Laia Grañà






Heads of technical supoport

Image diagnosis  Dr. Geoffroy FAROUIL
Pharmacy Ms. Elisenda FLOTATS
Laboratory Ms. Lourdes MONTSANT
Biomedical engineering and new projects unit Mr. Romain PUJOL




Administrative services

Patient check in, Pactient services and Social Work Ms. Carolina BOLLÓ
Communications Ms. Cristina FERRER
Chief procurment officer Mr. Xavier ROMERO
Quality and patient safety Dr. Francina RIU
Human Ressources Ms. Mireia TRASERRA
Legal Ms. Elisa GORGAS