• Ophtalmologist
    • Biometry
    • Cataracts surgery
    • Control of intra-ocular blood pressure
    • Diabetic eye screening 
    • Management of glaucoma
    • Management of keratitis
    • Management of uveitis
  • ​Optician
    • Biometrics

      Diagnose and treatment of strabismus (squint)

      Diagnose and treatment of the amblyoly

      Early diagnosis of cataracts

      Early diagnosis of visual problems potentially affecting children's school performance

      Early diagnosis of visual problems requiring ophthalmologists treatment

      Eye tests (adults and children)

      Pre- and post-surgical control of the patient with cataract

      Treatment of non-mydriatic  retinopathy


  • Dr. Phonglan LE THOAN BARRES
  • Dr. Norberto VELÁRDEZ
  • Ms Laia VILA (Optician)

Surgery hours:

  • Ophtalmologist:  Tuesday, wednesday, thursday 09:00 to 14:30
  • Optician: monday through thursday 09:00 to 16:00  


  • if calling from Spain:   972.65.77.77
  • if calling from France:

@: adm@hcerdanya.eu